Expandable Tumbler Grips

Our Tumbler Grips are different from every other Tumbler insert you've ever used. 

What makes them different is that they are Expandable meaning that you can insert them into many different styles and sizes and the arms expand outwards to grip the inside of the Tumbler ultimately eliminating the need to have so many different inserts for all your different style and sized Tumblers!

The "OG and the OG XL" Tumbler Grips are the most versatile grips as they fit the majority of tumblers like Modern Curves and Skinny style Tumblers. The OG will work on skinny style tumblers but we suggest using the OG XL because of the way it is designed. The OG XL has 4 expandable arms that are thick where as the OG only has 3 arms that are about 1/3 as thick.
The "Sporty Grip" is designed to fit Hydro Sport style Tumblers.
The "Bullet Grip" is specifically made for the long Bullet Tumblers & fits a few others
The "Doggy Bowl Grip" is a customer favorite and is for turning the big dog bowls!
For more information on which Grip you might need we have complied a general list of tumblers that have been tested on each grip. This list is mainly comprised of HOGG brand tumblers but All brands are basically the same shape. The link to the list is below.
If you are looking for a special attachment to turn other items, check out this section