Acrylic Products - Info Page

Do you want to get an acrylic sign made for your business but not sure where to start?
This is where you can find all the color options, how to order, etc.
Physical Watermarks
What is it?
Utilize your physical watermark instead of digitally marking your product images during photography. Customize your Physical Watermarks with two color choices (base & text color). Explore the list of suggested fonts below or visit DA FONT dot COM to choose your preferred font and inform us at checkout.
Font Choices - these are just a few we like!  Feel free to choose your own
Acrylic Color Swatch Boards 

Acrylic QR Social Media & Payment Signs

What are they?
  • Made of Acrylic with your business branding in mind
  • Customers can easily scan your QR code with their phone
  • Grow your followers with advertising your socials
  • Enhance Customer Payments Efficiency
  • Each sign is customized to fit your business needs
  • 1-6 QR code sins currently available, but can always be adjusted with a custom request.
When ordering, you'll need to send an email with your information.
I do NOT need you to locate any of the QR codes, I will create the QR codes with the LINKS / INFO you provide.
Payment Links - where to find them? what do they look like?  I will be using my personal business information to show you what to look for.
My personal business is "The Hot Polka Dot" and my business link / payment links are an example below.
VENMO & CASHAP are easy to share.  I just need your payment handle. You can find this on the app under your picture and name.
My Venmo is @TheHotPolkaDot
My Cashapp is $TheHotPolkaDot
Zelle is another option you can use, however this is one that I will need you to provide a screenshot of your QR Sign / Name.
PAYPAL: I need your Paypal Me Link if possible. If you do not have one or are not sure, login to your PayPal and make one. 
>>> Example:
Payment Link Examples Below
PayPal link will look like this ""
Venmo link looks like this =>
CashApp link looks like this =>