NEW Covered 4 Cup Turner with NEW Magnetic Tumbler Grips
NEW Covered 4 Cup Turner with NEW Magnetic Tumbler Grips
NEW Covered 4 Cup Turner with NEW Magnetic Tumbler Grips
NEW Covered 4 Cup Turner with NEW Magnetic Tumbler Grips
NEW Covered 4 Cup Turner with NEW Magnetic Tumbler Grips

NEW Covered 4 Cup Turner with NEW Magnetic Tumbler Grips

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Make sure to read all of the details included in this listing before purchasing.
This listing includes our newly design covered turner to better assist those of you that need to protect your cups to all the yucky things you do not want stuck to your cups!
Once your order is placed, expect up to a 3 week build time before your order is shipped.  Once you receive your new turner, it will be ready to use strait out of the box.
You will simply need to unscrew a few screws from the cover since they are shipped with the cover drilled shut for shipping safety!
Specs & Design Details
  • Constructed of Maple wood and will NOT be stained as the one in the main listing photo.
  • Clear Polycarbonate for the lid cover and backing.  Poly is super tough and durable and even shatter proof, however poly is not scratch-resistant. 
  • Turner is Heavy Duty and is made to last!
  • “The Tumbler Grip Logo” etched into Cover
  • Turner includes 1 Outlet Plug
  • LED Light Bar included and has an separate power switch 
  • Stainless Silver Cover Handle
  • Each motor is independently controlled with its own switch which have silicone covers to protect them from getting epoxy on them!
  • Motor speed is your choice of 2-3 rpm or 5-6 rpm. You can choose to have both speeds.
  • Motors spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise simply by turning them on and off.
  • Total width of turner box is 32.5" wide (left to right)
    • 23" in length (front to back) - 32oz Plump from TSM fits with no hangover
    • Turner Box sits 10" tall with cover closed and 26" tall with cover open
    • Spacing between arms is 7.25"
  • Approx. weight of 4 Turner is 35 pounds

What's Included?

  • 4 Tumbler Grips (Arms) are includes
    • Choose from the following: "OG" Tumbler Grip, Sporty, or Bullet Grips
    • Grip arms are made with 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC 
    • Comes with BRAND NEW Magnetic Design for easy on and off
      • IMPORTANT: This means any grip you have purchased from TTG previously will NOT fit on this turner.
      • YOU MAY Choose to have non-magnetic option instead if you wish, please contact us at if this is something you are interested in,
      • Also, we are working on a conversation program for anyone purchasing this turner to have their previously purchased grips converted over to magnetic ( this will come in the near future)
  • 4 adjustable Roller Arm Supports that provide extra support and leveling for each style of cup. Easily move up or down by loosening wingnut.
  • Your choice of color(s) for all 3D Printed Parts (grips, rollers, power boxes, etc)


  • SHIPPING CHARGES: These are heavy, the box is bulky and therefore the shipping charges applied when checking out may not cover the total amount of shipping and we will contact you with any Shipping Cost due once your order is packaged and ready to ship.  Additional shipping will need to be paid before we ship to you.

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