Stapler Attachment
Stapler Attachment

Stapler Attachment

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The newest item everyone is wanting to decorate...STAPLERS!
3D Printed attachment for you to use with the Amazon Staplers.
You have the option to get just the 3D printed piece which will easily snap onto a pvc arm
You get 2 attachments for $10 with this option
you can purchase it with pvc arm in the size you need just like all of our other grips. With this option, you get 1 PVC arm and 2 attachments
Choose PVC Size & Fitting to fit your turner
Made to fit Amazon Stapler 
Do Not use any of our Grips near a heater or in any heater / dryer environment.  Anything above 100 degree Fahrenheit will soften the material causing it to no longer be functional.

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